I have now set up a new competition called simply “AT HOME”. The rules are minimal: anything you enter (up to a total of three) must have been taken since lockdown began on March 23rd. – whether it’s literally in your own home or whether you took it whilst you were exercising doesn’t matter. You can manipulate images to your heart’s content or submit them straight from camera – up to you. It’s absolutely fine to have taken them since lockdown was eased slightly this week. Let’s hope restrictions aren’t reimposed.


The idea came from Torbay and you can see the images they entered on this link: https://www.torbayphotosociety.com/2020-at-home-awards


I won’t reveal the name of the judge at this stage so you’re not influenced by that.

As these are unofficial competitions, you can enter them into next season’s ordinary competitions. Deadline for  “At Home” is midnight Friday 26th June. After that, you’ll be locked out of the competition.



Unfortunately, we still have no indication when normal club meetings can resume. Naturally, we hope we'll be able to meet in September but that doesn't seem too likely at the moment.

Colin Burgess and Philip Smithies,

TCC Chairmen

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