We will resume our programme on September 17th using Zoom software


Full details until Christmas are below.

Because of the current restrictions, we're not sure when we will be able to introduce our special events such as workshops, visits to places of interest, our annual club dinner and our annual outing.

There's a lot happening at the club, so if you're not yet a member and you're not sure where to start, then just click on "Contact Us" below and go from there!



When you click on "Details" to find about more about the event, you will also see a couple of "Register Now" buttons. Please ignore these: they're part of the Wix template and currently cannot be hidden or removed. Also, please ignore the "RSVP" signs which also cannot be removed.


TALK - Asian Odyssey with Steve Carroll
TBC Enhancing Your Images Subgroup
TALK - Steve Kingswell – Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure
TBC Audio-Visual (AV) Subgroup
TBC Image Discussion and Distinctions Subgroups
Local Competition #1
TONDIG (Tonbridge Digital Imaging) subgroup
TALK: Tides and Tempests with Rachael Talibart
TBC Enhancing Your Images Subgroup
TBC Audio-Visual (AV) Subgroup
TALK: Colour Confidence with Peter Lovelock
TBC Image Discussion and Distinctions Subgroups
Local Competition #2
TBC TONDIG (Tonbridge Digital Imaging) subgroup
TBC The Orpington Challenge
TBC Enhancing Your Images Subgroup
TALK - Pictures on a Page - my time as Picture Editor of The Times with Paul Sanders
TBC Audio-Visual (AV) Subgroup
TALK - Faces of Art, Long Exposure Photography with Derek Michalski
Chairmen's Evening (open to non-members too)
TALK - Flowers, Nature and Landscape of the British Isles by Andy Small
"Strictly Come Judging"
Sound and Vision
Strawberry Hill House - Mini-outing
Outing Competition
Annual Club Outing - Arundel
ANNUAL EXHIBITION - Council Chamber at Tonbridge Castle
Annual Club Dinner
TONDIG Two Challenges Competition

To get in touch, use the "Contact Us" form above or phone/email us: 07969 854894/secretary@tonbridgecameraclub.org.uk or leave a message on our Facebook page (link above).

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