The AV (Audio-Visual Group

An AV is a series of related images and/or video, possibly telling a story, set to music and/or commentary


The Tonbridge AV Group, led this season by Ann Paine, is very active, with over twenty people regularly attending of whom about eight produce AVs. We meet at 7:45 in rooms D4 and D5 at the Weald of Kent Grammar School on the second Monday of October, December, March and April. In our meetings, we view members' AVs -  and if you wish to receive any advice there is always someone happy to help. We provide frequent tutorials on how to use software and equipment. Admission is £2 and includes refreshments.


There is a variety of software which can be used to create a digital AV, all of which is fairly intuitive and inexpensive. See the link below. Whichever software you use, and whether you create your AV on a PC or Mac, the laptop we'll be using will be able to play it.


You really don’t need to be a computer expert to produce AVs. Indeed, some software, like Gold and Producer, has a “Wizard” tool which enables a remarkably professional looking AV to be produced in a few minutes. AV software is far easier to use than image-editing software like Photoshop.


AVs can be converted to so-called “movie” formats (e.g.the universal .mp4) which can be played on any reasonably modern “Smart” TV via a memory stick inserted into the television's USB port. AVs can also be played on iPads and some mobile phones and uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. AVs created on a PC can also be converted to executables which have the advantage of being quite small but, unfortunately, can only be played on PCs and not on Macs or TVs. 


The group holds an Annual Competition for which a trophy, held for one year, is presented to the winner. This year's competition will be judged by Andy Smith LRPS.


In Thursday February 6th, the group will present some of its work to the whole club on a special Thursday “Sound and Vision" Evening.


At the Presentation Evening in May, the annual “Outing AV” is shown. In 2020, it will be based on June 2019's visit to Arundel.


If you’re not sure whether the group is for you, then come along to the first AV meeting of the season and see what you think. You won’t be disappointed.


To get in touch, use the "Contact Us" form above or phone or email us: 07969 854894|

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