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18 RED SQUIRREL WITH NUT by Glenn Welch.
18 MAGIC DUST By Tony Hill.jpg
20 LET THE WINTER COME by Annik Pauwels.

In common with most camera clubs, we hold a number of internal competitions throughout the year which are purely voluntary and open to all members.  We enjoy not only the competitive element, but also the constructive comments and advice from judges that enables everyone (even those who don't yet want to participate) to consider how to improve their photographic skills.

The judges themselves are experienced photographers who have undertaken training before they start judging. Their particular value is they give a candid view: they'll point out things that perhaps a relative or a Facebook friend wouldn't - but in a very constructive way.  However, at the end of the day, the main things is to enjoy and appreciate the images that we take!

"Effusive praise may feed my ego but constructive criticism advances my skills" - Anon. Remember that when a Facebook friend tells you you're the best photographer ever!

There is a link to the Competition Rules (updated July 2023) in the footer of every page. 

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