Our 2022-2023 season begins on Thursday September 8th 2022


Our new season starts on Thursday 8th September 2022 with meetings every Thursday until 18th May except December 22nd and December 29th. Most meetings will take place in the Main Hall at the Weald of Kent Grammar School with a few on Zoom or at the Angel Centre. (We also have frequent Zoom meetings on Tuesdays for Image Discussion, Audio-Visual and Masterclass subgroups as described on the “About Us” page.)

Non-members may attend any two of our Thursday meetings AND two of our Tuesday meetings free of charge to see if the club is right for them.

The new season sees an increase to seven in the number of so-called “Members’ Evenings” in which members will talk about and show pictures or videos of aspects of photography which interest them. These will include a number of practical sessions (e.g. macro photography) which will give you a chance to bring in your camera to learn new techniques. For more information, see the very end of this page.

Ten meetings are devoted to illustrated talks by guests – experienced and entertaining speakers in their own right. Full details below.

Apart the AGM and Presentation Evening, the remainder of the Thursday meetings will be competitions (open to all members). Four of these are interclub competitions with clubs both local and distant (including one from North Scotland).

If you would like a copy of the complete programme with every meeting, including Members' Evenings and competitions, in chronological order or you just want to find out more, please click on “Contact Us” using the link at the bottom of the page.

As you can see, there's a lot happening at the club...



TALK:  Sport                                                                               Ady Kerry                 15th September


Ady started his career as an aviation photography with the RAF.  Since leaving the service in 1995 he has had a career as an editorial / corporate communications and sports photographer.  This talk is his wide-ranging lecture that covers all aspects of sports and action photography with many tips, tricks and advice as how to get the best from your sports photography.


TALK:  Beautiful Bugs: Discovering a Hidden World             Ann Healey                 29th September


Ann Healey is an award-winning professional fine art photographer, specialising in nature.  Ann’s website showcases the diversity of her work while her passion for photography, particularly the challenging macro world of insects, is widely recognised, reflecting her interest in shapes, colours, textures and vibrancy.  She is heavily influenced by beautiful imagery and specialises in capturing form, delicacy and detail.  This talk will demonstrate and illustrate her passion for bugs and the world of macro.


TALK: Beginners’ Guide to Astrophotography                       Jeremy Phillips                 13th October

An evening photographic journey through space, discovering how images of the night sky’s wonderful objects can be captured.  Jeremy will be delivering a talk aimed at anyone who is interested in discovering how images of the night sky’s most wonderful objects can be captured, or just wants to take a virtual journey through space via his photographs.

No specific website but this may be of interest: https://streathamfestival.com/event/shooting-for-the-stars-with-jeremy-phillips/


TALK: Japanese Cityscapes (From Buddha to Bladerunner)            ZOOM                Julian Elliott                 27th October


Julian is an award winning professional freelance landscape and travel photographer as well as an occasional writer based both in the Loire Valley, France and also in Wiltshire, England. He travels across Europe as well as into Asia capturing landscapes and cityscapes along with the various cultures that inhabit them. In this talk Julian will explore the old architecture of Japan to the newest. Starting in Himeji with its famous castle, going to Kyoto with its beautiful temples the talk ends in Tokyo with

Blade Runner-esque architecture.


TALK: Tools not Rules                                                               Caroline Preece                 10th November

https://www.carolinepreecephotography.com/  The aim of tonight's talk by Caroline is to introduce to people a different way of thinking about photography and composition.  The talk is based on psychology and is about empowering people to make informed decisions as opposed to worrying about rules and whether to break them.  The first part of the talk covers photography as a visual language and communicating your personal take on the world through your images.  In the second part Caroline will provide us with an understanding of the psychology behind how people interpret the visual elements within an image; and the impact of their compositional choices on the end image and how the viewer experiences it.


TALK – Using Photography as a Means of Communication       Damien Demolder     24th November

Damien Demolder – Photographer & Journalist  Damien has visited Tonbridge before and we are delighted to welcome him back again. Damien is a photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years at the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer, where he was editor.  In this talk Damien explores the reasons we take photographs and the way our photos can be used to communicate meaning and emotion.

TALK (STAR EVENING): My Passion for Photography                                         Will Cheung                 26th January


Will is a keen photographer and a photography magazine editor based in Cambourne near Cambridge. He current edits Photography News, a free newspaper available at photo retailers and sent to camera clubs, and previously edited Practical Photography, Digital Photo, Photography Monthly and Advanced Photographer.  His talk tonight is an insightful journey through his career and his enduring passion for photography.

Please note that as this is a "Star" evening, there is a charge of £5 for all non-members.


TALK: Underwater Photography            ZOOM                      David Keep                 16th February


David's talk this evening covers underwater photography from working with models in the swimming pool to photographing the magnificent creatures which swim in the oceans around the world. His particular favourites are sharks.  Based in Derby, which is about as far from the sea as you can be in the UK, David has been given many awards from national and international competitions for underwater images as well as for sport images. As well as still photographs he also makes videos, some in what he calls his ‘shark studio’.


TALK: What is a Portrait?                                                         Thomas Peck                 23rd March


Thomas's presentation will look at the history of photographic portraiture from the Victorian beginnings through to our selfie culture of the 21st Century. It traces how portraits have evolved from pictorialism through to post modernism, and will delve into social documentary, fashion, celebrity and even portrait ‘notoriety’. It unravels the question of what is a portrait, and who creates it? The photographer? The sitter? The viewer? Be inspired to look again at portraits and how to capture that elusive character in an image. 


TALK: Looking at Texture                        ZOOM                      Jane Lazenby                 6th April


Jane works as a professional photographer and artist specialising in creating images of horses and people and in teaching and supporting others to develop their creative skills. This talk is about working with textures.  It covers how to create and add textures to your photographs. Jane will demonstrate blend modes and different methods of applying the textures. Then in the second part of the talk Jane will demonstrate a live edit of a selected photograph, applying textures to create final photographs.

In-House Members' Evenings

There are seven in all this season and below are details about the first five. Non-members are very welcome to come along and enjoy the evening.

Thursday 8th September

In-House. Welcome back - Summer Showcase.  As we start the new season, we will have a range of mini-presentations from some of our members.  We will also be showing a range of images taken over the summer.  There will also be the opportunity to socialise throughout the evening and to look at the upcoming events on the programme .  Any suggestions for future evenings or feedback on the programme will be much appreciated. 

Thursday 22nd September

In-House. Bring your Camera!  Macro and Still Life.  We will start the evening with a short presentation on macro techniques and equipment and then members will have the opportunity to try it out.  We will have a number of stations around the hall with different subjects to photograph.  Or you can bring your own items to photograph.

Thursday 3rd November

In-house. Bring your Camera!  Light Painting.  Come along and experiment with some light painting!  This evening will provide opportunities to take images using a number of different light sources and formats.  Tripods are essential.

Thursday 15th December

In-House: Members Evening. Details to follow. Share your images for the Best and Worst Christmas cards.   Competition to be voted on by members!  Prizes are available …. The evening will also include a photography quiz and plenty of opportunity to socialise in the run up to Christmas.

Thursday 5th January

In-House - via Zoom.  An opportunity to catch up after Christmas, see some of the AVs that were entered into the Club's competition last season and some mini presentations by members.