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Our new season started on Thursday 7th September 2023 with meetings every Thursday until 16th May except December 21st and December 28th. Most

meetings will take place in the Main Hall at the Weald of Kent Grammar School with a few on Zoom or at the Angel Centre. We also have frequent Zoom meetings on Tuesdays for Image Discussion and Audio-Visual as described on the “About Us” page.

Non-members may attend any two of our Thursday meetings AND two of our Tuesday meetings free of charge to see if the club is right for them.

The new season sees seven  so-called “Members’ Evenings” in which members will talk about and show pictures or videos of aspects of photography which interest them. These will include a number of practical sessions (e.g. macro photography) which

will give you a chance to bring in your camera to learn new techniques. For more information, see below.

Ten meetings are devoted to illustrated talks by guests – experienced and entertaining speakers in their own right. Full details below.

Apart the AGM and Presentation Evening, the remainder of the Thursday meetings will be competitions (open to all members).

Four of these are interclub competitions with clubs both local and distant (including one from North Scotland).

If you would like a copy of the complete programme showing every meeting, including Members' Evenings and competitions, in chronological order or you just want to find out more, please click on “Contact Us” using the link at the bottom of the page.

As you can see, there's a lot happening at the club...


SPEAKERS 2023-2024

Below, you can read more about the speakers we will have in the 2023-2024 season. 

In-House Members' Evenings

There are seven in all this season. Non-members and potential members are very welcome to come along and enjoy the evening.


There are two competitions, the AGM and Presentation Evening to come this season.

The new season begins on Thursday 5th September. Full details will be published as soon as possible but in any case by late July.



Thursday 7th September 2023 (Open to potential members too)

In-House. Welcome back - Summer Showcase.  As we start the new season, we will have a range of mini-presentations from some of our members.  We will also be showing a range of images taken over the summer.  There will also be the opportunity to socialise throughout the evening and to look at the upcoming events on the programme.  Any suggestions for future evenings or feedback on the programme will be much appreciated. 

TALK:  Landscape: the art of seeing (Note: 8.00 start not 7.45)      Slawek Staszczuk         14th September 2023

Slawek is an experienced landscape photographer, frequently invited to camera clubs and photographic societies

as a guest speaker. He tackles various aspects of landscape, architecture and travel photography. Slawek has

visited TCC before and we welcome him back to start our season with his talk "Landscape Photography is simple". This will be a conceptual approach, revolving around the use of light of different qualities. As well as composition, timing and planning.

Thursday 28th September 2023 (Open to potential members too)

In-House. Bring your Camera!  Practical session.  Bring your camera and props.  We will set up various stations around the hall to photography a still life subject - or you can bring your own items to photograph.

TALK:  Street and Architecture (Genres that Overlap!)                                                        Ian Howard                5th October 2023

Ian Howard is a Kent based photographer. His talk "Street & Architecture (Genres that overlap!)" takes an analytical look at these areas of photography via a portfolio of images from each genre.  Including before and after (a look at the image taken and why, through to the final processed image).  The talk will include tips and guidance for each type of photography.  Ian will also look

at the successes and the failures.  Ian's aim is to encourage people to go out and try these photographic styles.

TALK: Wildlife Photography                                                                                                       Andy Skillen                19th October 2023

Andy has been travelling and photographing wildlife for over 26 years. He has been fortunate enough to visit some of the world's incredible wildlife locations and witness nature at its best.  Andy will take us on his journey witnessing some of nature’s greatest spectacles, sharing some of his incredible and spectacular experiences. 

Thursday 2nd November 2023 (Open to potential members too)

In-house. Member’s Evening. Not a Cat in Hell's Chance.  Your Favourite photos, for friendly and constructive critique.  Could a judge give them a 20?  If not, why not? Members will talk briefly about a couple of their own pictures which they really like but

which they think wouldn't do well in competitions. Our panel of three, splendidly attired for the occasion, will give their reaction followed by members of the audience who will then be invited to make their comments. Be prepared from some controversy!


TALK: How to take a bad photograph                                                                                Darren Pullman         16th November 2023

An entertaining talk with dozens of very bad pictures!  And then some sparkling commentary interspersed with other excellent images that demonstrate Darren's his skill as a photographer. The overall theme of the talk explores the process of taking many photographs, and then analysing them critically, ultimately leading to improvement. Whether this involves using a different standpoint, changes to lighting or camera technique.  Darren encourages persistent experimentation that will lead to success and some stunning photography.

TALK: Nature in Miniature                                                                                                             Robert Canis          7th December 2023

Robert will take us on a journey which explores macro and creative close-ups. From using extension tubes, flash and reflectors to fisheye and telephoto, prepare to be inspired to look more closely - and creatively - at the fascinating world that we so often pass by.

Thursday 14th December 2023 (Open to potential members too)

In-House: Members Evening. Details to follow but probably a Christmas Themed evening.  Christmas card competition. Christmas quiz and challenges, drinks & mince pies. Share your images for the Best and Worst Christmas cards.   Competition to be voted

on by members!  Prizes are available. The evening will also provide plenty of opportunity to socialise in the run up to Christmas.

Thursday 4th January 2024 (Open to potential members too)

In-House - held in the Judd Suite at the Angel Centre.  An opportunity to catch up after Christmas, see some of the AVs that were entered into the Club's competition last season and some mini presentations by members.

TALK:  Landscape Photography: a journey in technique, composition and lighting                  Alex Hare     18th January 2024

In this presentation, Alex will show examples of his landscape and travel work and take you behind the photographs to learn how they were produced through footage shot at the time of his shoots. Alex will touch on themes involved in landscape photography including camera techniques, equipment, the creative process behind his shots and the highs, lows and various pitfalls he’s encountered along the way. 

Thursday 1st February 2024 (Open to potential members too)

Members’ Evening. Practical session - bring your Camera.  Details to follow.  Another opportunity to socialise. 

TALK: The Joy of Seeing – An Introduction to Photography and Mindfulness                             Ken Scott     8th February 2024

Mindfulness is, at its simplest, an awareness of the present moment – “wherever you are, there you are.” It is also recognised as a highly effective practice for wellbeing, very apt in these difficult times. We all intuitively understand that when the mind is still and free from worry and distraction, we can become more receptive and creative.  Illustrated with a variety of images from his extensive portfolio, Ken will explain how photography of any kind can be enhanced by mindful practice, by letting go of expectations and judgemental habits, and how being with your camera can be a therapeutic pursuit in itself.  Ken is returning to following his very well received talk in 2021, to bring us more insights into the psychology of photography.

Thursday 15th February 2024 (Open to potential members too)

Members’ Evening. A number of members will show images and talk about aspects of photography which interest them. At the Angel Centre - and not to be missed! Open to non-members.

TALK: Pat and Ian in Lockdown                                                                                      Ian Brash and Pat Couder     14th March 2024

Pat and Ian present their latest talk: Pat and Ian in Lockdown - A selection of their own images taken from archives, processed creatively by each other and presented to show two different versions with explanations of how they were manipulated with

hints and tips along the way.

TALK: Wildlife photography:  A month in the Falklands    ZOOM                                                                    Tracy Lund        4th April 2024

A selection of images from Tracey spending a month in the Falkland Islands.  The Falkland Islands may be one of the remotest archipelagos in the world, but they are also among the most dramatic when it comes to wildlife photography opportunities.  With rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts, its hundreds of islands and islets are home to an abundant range of wildlife.  Stunning

images are supported by stories and experiences from Tracey's trip.

Thursday 11th April (Open to potential members too) 

Member’s Evening. A second "Not a Cat in Hell's Chance".  Your Favourite photos, for friendly and constructive critique.  Could a judge give them a 20?  If not, why not? Members will talk briefly about a couple of their own pictures which they really like but which they think wouldn't do well in competitions. Our panel of three, splendidly attired for the occasion, will give their reaction followed by members of the audience who will then be invited to make their comments. Be prepared from some controversy!


TALK: Night and Day Photography                                                                                                         David Jenner       18th April 2024

In this updated talk David presents his unique Night & Day panoramas which take anything up to 100 hours to complete! In the second half the focus changes to many of his other award-winning images from his portfolio with plenty of amusement and heartbreak along the way… not to mention an unhealthy obsession with John Craven! This is a talk like no other and promises to be a fantastic evening of entertainment you will never forget. David Jenner Photography

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