Chairman & Vice-Chairman

Philip Smithies will act as Vice-Chairman for the 1919-1920 Season.

Colin and Philip will be joint Chairmen in the 1920-1921 season.

However, unless one or two people are prepared to take on the role for the season beyond that, the club must inevitably close in May 2021.


Programme Secretary

Liz Turton is Programme Secretary and  overall coordinator. Assisted by Carmel Yearwood, she books the speakers. Mick Dudley books the  judges and Cathie Agates liaises with guests and judges and writes thank-you letters.

The programme for 2020-2021 has been started (October 2019).

Assistant Projectionist(s)
Editor for Grain

Although a couple of people have volunteered, it would be great if more people could share the load.

Without an editor, our successful magazine will not be published again.

This is also a role that could be shared with an electronic version of course being an option.

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