Chairman & Vice-Chairman
External Competition Secretaries
Exhibition Coordinator
Assistant Projectionist(s)
Assistance with Sound System
Editor for Grain

Cathie Agates and Denys Clarke will be joint chairs in the 2021-2020 season.


We need an External Print Competition Secretary and an External PDI Competition Secretary. Without these positions filled, there can be no external competitions (such as the Ross Cup, the Diamond Jubilee, the Orpington Challenge, the competition with Battle PS and MIPS) in which we’ve always done extremely well – in fact, we’ve won the Ross Cup almost as many times as every other club in the KCPA combined!

We need an "Exhibition Coordinator" to manage the Annual Exhibition

When face-to-face meetings resume, we need a couple of people are needed to act as projectionists on Thursday evenings.

A couple of people are needed to help set-up and put away the Sound System on Thursday evenings.

Without an editor, our successful magazine will not be published again.

This is also a role that could be shared with an electronic version of course being an option.